Song for week 4 of the Positive Songs Project. I wanted anyone hearing this song to be able to visualise themselves waltzing in the garden, barefoot in soft grass. The sky is an inky violet and the moon is full. Certainly one of the softest and most romantic little songs I've ever written.

from Lobelia Lawson - Positive Songs Project, released April 15, 2020
Written by Lobelia Lawson
Produced and engineered by Lobelia Lawson
Guitars, Vocals and Piano - Lobelia Lawson
Mixing and mastering: Steve Lawson


A dance in the moonlight
All on my own
With the stars aligned in my head
The air full of sounds
That one never hears
When you're tucked up all safe in your bed

Look at the sky
A violet sea
The fireflies
Come and dance with me

This garden reteat
Is where I find my feet
And the moon is as soft as a kiss
Closing my eyes
And wondering why
I don't spend every moment like this

Look at the sky
A violet sea
It's ours tonight
Come and dance with me.