1. Ghost

Recorded in my room on a Focusrite iTrack Dock. An experiment in using an IPad as a recording device. Worked well and in some ways I like this version better than the one that we recorded for the album version.
All arrangements, guitars and vocals - Lobelia
Mixing and mastering: Steve Lawson


She won't be able, to live with my ghost
With my name upon the lips you love the most
Like a shadow cast on all that's passed between us you will know
She won't be...me.

She won't be willing, to lend you the strength
To recognise the rope you're hanging yourself with
And as the ship goes down and all has drowned in some forsaken sea
She won't be...me.

I am at your side
In your corner you will find me
And I can't make you change your mind
But love for you will never leave me
Never leave me.

She won't be able to recognise
That the mythology of new is full of lies
And the person that you thought you knew can't look you in the eyes
She won't be...me.